Arctic Cocktail Collection

Arctic Cocktail Collection

Event Date Available Throughout August

We’re embracing Winter at The Winery and sprinkling our Cocktail Menu with hues of blue.

Our Arctic Cocktail Collection is a must this cold season. Choose your favourite arctic shade from our range of tonal blue cocktails and discover your new favourite winter drink.

Offer available throughout August.

Purple rinse $15
Vodka, violettes liqueur, lemon & grapefruit juice, eggwhite

The Gunmetal Blue Cocktail $16
Mezcal, Blue Curacao, Peach liqueur, lime juice and bitters

Blue Lady $14
Gin, Blue Curacao, Lemon Juice, Egg white

Blue Tequila Old Fashioned $15
Tequila, simple Syrup, bitters, wild hibiscus extract

South Pacific Breeze $17
Gin, liquor 42, Lemon Juice, Blue curacao, soda